Sports facilities

  • Stadiums with stands for 1,500 seats or more – 9;
  • Planar sports facilities  - 2417 (including 471 school stadiums with artificial turf);
  • Sport Halls - 1,689;
  • Sports palaces - 10 ( including 6 palaces with artificial ice);
  • Indoor sports facilities with artificial ice - 22;
  • Riding Halls - 23 (including 6 field-and-track, 4 football);
  • Cycle tracks - 1;
  • Swimming pools: 50 meter long - 8; 25 meter long - 132.
  • Skiing lodges - 11;
  • Facilities for shooting sports - 61;
  • Adjusted non-standard sports facilities - 1,955;

TOTAL: 6,435 units.

Total number of workers in this field - 14,841 people, of which 9,876 people have higher education and 567 employees have advanced degrees. Age cohort of experts up to 30 years - 4,5 thousand people, 31-60 - 8,8 thousand people, over 60 – 1,4 thousand people. The average wage in this field is RUR 23,4 thousand.

In St. Petersburg are implemented following Programs:

  • Physical Culture and Sports Development Program in St. Petersburg during 2010-2014;
  • School Playgrounds Repair Targeted Program "My first school stadium";
  • Sectoral Pattern for Development and Allocation of Physical Culture and Sports Facilities in St. Petersburg until 2015 with an outlook for 2025.

Sports Glory of St. Petersburg

One of the most priority tasks of St. Petersburg sport industry is the training of sport national teams and participation of St. Petersburg sportsmen in national and international competitions, finals of winter and summer Youth Sports Day of the Russian Federation, preparations for the XXXI Summer Olympic and XV Summer Paralympics 2016 in Rio, XXIII Olympic and XII Winter Paralympics 2018 in Pyeongchang.

In 2013 the international convention “SportAccord” hosted more than 100 international Sport Federations in St. Petersburg. Within the frame of “SportAccord” took place:

  • 18-26 October – World Combat Games;
  • 27-28 October – the stage of Olympic Torch Relay of Winter Olympic Games  and Paralympics  in Sochi;
  • 22-24 November – Sambo World Championship.

In 2013, the Russian Federation national team for summer and winter Olympic sports included 999 sportsmen. At the official international competitions of World and European level St. Petersburg  won 26 medals in Youth Sports Day) and got the 3rd command place. In the Paralympics participated 9 sportsmen from St/Petersburg and won 9 medals: 6 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals.

St. Petersburg sportsmen won 163 different medals at the Summer Youth Sports Day of Russian Federation in 2013 and got the 2nd in command place.


Significant sport events for 2014-2018

  • 2016 – Ice Hockey World Championship;
  • 2018 – Football World Cup.

Traditional Sport Events of St. Petersburg

  • Traditional junior football tournament in commemoration of the first  FIFA Vice-president V.A. Granatkin;
  • International Marathon “The Way of Life”;
  • International Swimming competitions “Vesely Delfin”;
  • International Marathon “White Nights”;
  • International gymnastics competitions “Alexander Dytyatin Cup”;
  • International boating competitions “Zolotye Vesla”;
  • International fencing competition “Rapier of St. Petersburg”;
  • Combats Arts Olympics  “East-West”;
  • International competitions “Ski sprint on the Palace Square”;
  • International basketball tournament “V. Kondrashina A. Belova Cup”;
  • International race “Women dozen”;
  • The stage of the world championship powerboat races "Formula -1";
  • Stage of fencing world Cup "Grand-Prix" Rapier of St. Petersburg";
  • International Boxing tournament " Saint-Petersburg Governor Cup ";
  • International tennis tournament ATP "St. Petersburg Open".

Fitness and mass culture work with population of St. Petersburg

  • 2009 – 7 918 competitions;
  • 2010 – 9 534 competitions ;
  • 2011 – 9 545 competitions ;
  • 2012 – 9 567 competitions ;
  • 2013 – 10 515 competitions.

The number of mass sport activities and competitions participants is more than 1 million people annually.

Mass nationwide Russian competitions.

  • “Ski track of Russia” – 25 thousands of participants;
  • “Russian Azimuth” – 5 thousands of participants;
  • “Cross of nation” – 18 thousands of participants;
  • “Orange ball” – 3 thousands of participants.

Traditional mass competitions:

  • Weekend trip “Ski Arrows”;
  • City tournament of junior hockey players “Gold Puck”;
  • Open  Christmas snow volleyball tournament;
  • Multistage park sport orientation “Snow Path”;
  • Festival of wellness types of gymnastic “Saint-Petersburg Gracia”;
  • Athletics race “Star race” ;
  • Festival of beach volleyball in Solnechnoe town.

Within the framework of Youth Sports Day 2013 in St. Petersburg among the orphanages and boarding-schools were conducted arm wrestling, street ball, ping-pong, bawling, billiards competitions with the total amount of participants - 1,5 thousand people. Besides that, within the framework of sport and health decade during 1-8 January 2013 were conducted more than 140 sports events and tournaments.

Centers of Physical culture, sport and health of Administration districts of St. Petersburg

The district centers of physical culture sports and health were created in 16 districts of S. Petersburg. 2 districts (Nevsky and Centralny) have mass sport departments working with citizens based on functioning sport school.

32 thousands of St. Petersburg citizens were involved into physical and wellness activities in District Centers.

Workers of District Centers successfully carry inner sport grounds and respond for its. At winter time of 2013-2014 were prepared 299 places for winter spots: 84 mass skating rinks, 137 hockey skating rinks, 113 ski tracks.

Teenager and junior clubs

St.Petersburg has 229 teenager and junior clubs. The total number studying young people is 33,957.


University sport

450 thousands of students study in St. Petersburg.

According to the statistic of 2013 177,7 thousands of students attend Physical Education classes and 92,7 thousands of students engaged in different sport sections and groups.

In 2013 Championship among Higher Educational Establishments participated more than 15,5 thousands of students.

Youth Sports Day among was organized for students of Secondary vocational education institutions which had 4 thousands participants in 18 types of sports.

Since 2009 St. Petersburg hosts World Student Games (once in 2 years). In World Student Games St. Petersburg sportsmen have won 80 medals.