Innovation Area

Today, St. Petersburg is not only a scientific and educational center of Russia, but also one of the leading innovation-active regions of the country.

Number of organizations involved in research and development, as well as the number of researchers is growing every year. In 2013, according to statistics, there were about 350 such organizations and more than 80 thousand researchers. Furthermore, in 2013 in St. Petersburg were founded 190 advanced manufacturing technologies. At all St. Petersburg enterprises are used more than 5,000 previously founded advanced manufacturing technologies, the majority (45.6%) of them at processing enterprises.

According to the innovative development rates made by National Research University “Higher School of Economy” St. Petersburg is in the 2nd after Moscow.

By the St. Petersburg Government has been approved the Comprehensive Program "Science. Industry. Innovation" in St. Petersburg during 2012-2015 (hereinafter referred to as the Comprehensive Program).

The main goals of Comprehensive Program are:

  • establishing one competitive and modern regional innovation system in St. Petersburg;
  • developing  effective usage of scientific, technological and educational potential of St. Petersburg;
  • increasing contributing of science and technology in socio-economic development of St. Petersburg.

The main directions of the Comprehensive Program are:

  • promoting technological development and modernization of enterprises and organizations, the development of innovation infrastructure and territories;
  • staffing support of St. Petersburg innovative economic development;
  • promoting development of integration processes between actors of industrial activities in St. Petersburg and science and education, commercialization of innovations;
  • demand stimulating;
  • protection of intellectual property rights;
  • effective usage of resources and energy in the St. Petersburg industries;
  • popularization of scientific knowledge and promotion of innovative products, market expansion and promoting the export of innovative products;
  • development of St. Petersburg scientific potential.

In 2013, the following significant events occurred in the Innovation area:

  • creation of  noncommercial organization “Bortik’s Fund” where prospective organizations get investments for their innovative projects;
  • St. Petersburg Administration and Infrastructure and Educational Fund signed a Partnership Agreement to develop an urban cluster of information technology and nanotechnology products (2 April, 2013) ;  
  • St. Petersburg hosted the VI International Forum "From Science to Business Commercialization of high-end technologies: experience of the regions, the role of universities" ( 16 – 18 May, 2013).

The main objective of the Plan 2013 was sharing Russian and international experience, as well as developing recommendations to government authorities, business communities and scientific and educational communities regarding the effective interaction for creating knowledge-based economy and increasing of innovative products share in state contracts.